Thesis Survey

For Muslim who have visited in Japan.
I’m currently doing a questionnaire for my final year thesis.
The title of my thesis is about halal.
Would you spend a few minutes to kindly answer the questions?
Thank you.

問 1. 必須項目

問 2.

問 3. 必須項目

問 4. 必須項目

問 5. 必須項目
Purpose of your visit

問 6. 必須項目
What are you looking forward to see in Japan? (select two)

問 7. 必須項目
After you visited Japan, what do you think was good? (select two)

問 8. 必須項目
What kind of food did you eat in Japan?

問 9. 必須項目
Do you check the Halalmark when you buy food in Japan?

問 10. 必須項目
If there's no Halalmark, how do you do?

問 11. 必須項目
What Japanese food do you want to eat if it's made suitable for Muslim? (select tow)

問 12. 必須項目
What kind of trouble did you face in Japan about food?

問 13. 必須項目
What is the most trouble in Japan?

問 14. 必須項目
Do you think Japan take enough action to accomodate Muslims need?

問 15. 必須項目

問 16.
Free form

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