PedalForge Questionnaire

"PedalForge" is a service to compare while listening to the sound of the guitar poedals on the Internet. Your opinion will be reflected on our service, so please answer survey questions.
Thank your for your cooperation.

問 1.
Which is your favorite function when you linsten to the clip?

問 2.
Which kind of pedals, do you want to listen?

問 3.
Which one do you want to listen to?

問 4.
What is important thing when you buy musical equipments?

問 5.
What is your helper when you buy pedals?

問 6.
hich is your higher oppotunity, new or userd?

問 7.
What is your triger to buy pedals?

問 8.
How old are you?

問 9.
Please select your gender.

Thank you for your answer.

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